Man and woman pilots flying a helicopter on a sunny day. Inside shot of a helicopter.

Aviation Consultant specializing in Rotary Wing Operations and Flight.

Over 40 years of progressively challenging professional experience in leadership, technical and business development for the Commercial Air Transport, Department of Defense and defense related industry.

Skilled in leading and managing large, multi-disciplinary professional teams; extensive hands-on experience in management, test and evaluation, training innovations, strategic planning, system design, and complex technical analysis, high-level conference planning and large organization resource management. Knowledge of DoD and Prime contracting, commercial helicopter operations to include Motion Picture production, Lifeflight and Fire Suppression Operations.

Excellent record of wins for compilation and presentation of proposals, negotiations and closing techniques, budget management, and interaction with high levels of prime aircraft contractors and government, foreign and domestic.  Twenty years of sales, marketing, tactical training and aviation consulting with government (international and federal) and civil aviation industry.

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